April 3, 2018

4 steps to an effective cybersecurity program in your law firm

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cybersecuritéMalware threats to the existence of law firms have never been rife, but recently, they have grown at an exponential rate, as more businesses are exposed to the attacks of cybercriminals. The focus of these hackers is to gain access to vital information such as intellectual property, personal emails, and transaction details between business partners, customer data, and payment information. The response of every corporation should be proactive as the preparation to an attack is crucial to avoid being caught unaware. Reports have shown that database hacking could lead to the liquidation of brands and loss of trust reposed in a company by the customers. Law firms could take a cue from this article and engage in activities that will safeguard the information of their clientele and still maintain an excellent reputation. You should follow these steps to ensure cybersecurity:

  1. Backup your files

One of the best ways to safeguard your law firm against cyber-attack is by using a cloud-based solution. Having a separate backup of your database is essential.

Preserving the files in a cloud-based platform such as IPzen Legal, renowned for its security made possible by encrypted data and dedicated virtual machines is crucial. Therefore you can be ensured that your backups are encrypted with a user-defined encryption key in the cloud, on-site or off-site, just like IPzen Legal does. This solution can suits both small and big law firms.

  1. Law firms should have a password policy

Passwords are one of the tools we use to protect our files from unauthorized access. Law firms should put a password policy in place for the lawyers in their practice. Lawyers should not set up passwords that can be easily  guessed by cybercriminal. It is safer  to make use of passphrase or a combination of uppercase letters and numbers to serve as a password instead of choosing a simple password that can be guessed. Several devices are available that enable you to use spaces and other characters as part of the password to ensure the protection of the content on the devices.

A password management system can come handy in this situation and lawyers must be aware that they should never be divulging their passwords. Law firms should make sure the credentials used to access their law firm network cannot be used outside the law firm. Enabling two-factor authentication will be a fantastic idea for law firms as it will go a long way in ensuring the protection of critical information.

  1. Constant windows updates

Law firms need to be proactive in this scenario as it is critical to keep the hardware and software updated. It is an excellent idea to keep your Windows updated. Making use of the outdated software will leave your system vulnerable to attacks, as it no longer receives security updates. However, it is an even better idea to use a cloud-based solution that will be independent from the technology and material your law firm uses every day. This way, regardless of the bugs in Window, Mac or else, you will be secure at all time.


  1. Engaging in security awareness

Uninformed employees are the easiest preys for cyber attackers. Without proper education of the users of computers in the law firm, malware will have a field day. Conducting security awareness training sessions for law firms will offer lawyers the necessary education and guidelines on how to prevent cyber-attacks.

It will be a brilliant idea for law firm to offer at least once a year, safe computing awareness and social engineering classes to their employees; and inform them of the dangers that are associated with cyber-attacks. When these individuals are aware of the strategies of the hackers, they will  stay alert and protect their information from unauthorized access.

Most of the attacks carry out phishing emails sent to unsuspecting users and training will make them aware of the tactics used by the cybercriminals

You could also entrust this supervision to IPzen Legal which offer watch services to act as a real-time guardian of all your data and activities.