March 15, 2018

Case Management: why you should be already using it.

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Organization has always been a key success factor for every industry. This explains why organizational methods constantly evolve each day to help firms improve their performance. Until some years ago, looking for a specific piece of information implied going through huge piles of papers, which was time-consuming. Then digital services appeared and they made case management actions faster and more precise.

However, those digital tools lacked something yet. It is practical to keep case information in a digital form, but wouldn’t it be even better to store it in a more secure way ? A way which will allow you to upload any type of document within a file in an easy way and with a flexible search engine for retrieving files based on numerous criteria ? A way that will allow you to send emails from files that you can set up in a parent/child model for an optimal case management ? A way that will also allow you to create documents automatically with a template generator? And, in order to help you organize your schedule meet all your deadlines, offer an agenda tab integrated?

That organization solution exists: It is called IPzen Legal, a cloud-based case management system, that organizes all the information surrounding a case by supplying all of the necessary tools for follow-up.

This system provides you with an easy access to general information and to the status of a case, to the assigned lawyers and opponents, and the organized history of every action taken in relation to the digital files and attachments, as well as email communications and deadlines in order to consolidate diverse information from multiple sources in one place.

Where lies the strength of this cloud-based legal case management system ? It lies in its innovative ability to consolidate and simplify collaborative work and digital files sharing securely. Law firms can save a lot of time working with the cloud, by reducing the hours or even days spent in organizing files. With Ipzen, they can do this faster and then invest their time to focus on what matters most to their practice. Their productivity will also increase with the help of the special features included in this solution  that this system includes with the aim to help users increase their productivity.

Sharing digital documents with your team and your clients becomes easier . With these collaboration tools, risk of missing a deadline will be null and they can be associated with a digital file and/or assigned to a specific user, who will only need to log into IPzen Legal to see on their dashboard their assignments and updates . Creating reminders and deadlines has never been so easy.

Besides, IPzen Legal offers you an integrated invoicing system that will allow you to generate your invoices and track payments in a quick and simple manner and reduce payment delays. This smart invoicing process solution is designed to simplify the user’s billing tasks and increase the profitability of their law firm. A general statistics section can be found in the financial dashboards of the system. This cloud system also includes a bulk editing functionality to update multiple files simultaneously. One concern that one can have about the cloud could be the security level. Nevertheless, for IPzen Legal security is a priority. Users can access details of a case quickly from virtually anywhere at any time in a secure way. Each client has their dedicated virtual machine with their own database and storage. Communication is encrypted with an SSL certificate and there’s a 24/7 monitoring. This cloud platform is a secure environment where the users themselves keep control of information with the help of confidentiality features, as setting user access rights. This cloud solution is based on highly secure cloud technology that allows any user to upload all types of documents within a digital file and it also includes an Admin Rights entitlements feature to forbid the deletion of documents depending on assigned rights within a user’s profile. It is possible to monitor the activity of your time in the cloud, as each action taken in the module may be documented with texts or attached documents. Moreover, with this cloud system, users will not have to worry about backups and software updates anymore: the backup is continuous in two datacenters. And, since IPzen Legal is a cloud-based platform, there is no need of downloading a software. The only requirement to access IPzen Legal is a simple browser.

After listing some of the advantages of the cloud, one can wonder who wouldn’t use a solution that will offer so many benefits to increase their productivity and profitabity?  We guess,  it can be only those who haven’t heard yet about IPzen Legal Case Management, the centralized and intuitive case management solution that allows you to gather all your documents in a single location and save time