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Integrated Billing

Smart invoicing can significantly shorten the time between the completion of a case and the issuance of the invoice and thus, reduce payment delays.

Generate invoices

IPzen Legal offers you a great freedom of billing methods by using integrated invoicing module in order for you and your colleagues (including support staff where necessary) to generate and send invoices in .pdf, directly from your case files.

Calculate time spent

When setting up your IPzen Legal platform you can customize and predefine the time spent, hourly rates for one action and to save time and money by using a single and fully integrated IP management solution.

Invoice Reminder

Optimize the management of your cashflow with automatic reminders for invoices awaiting settlement, including by email, in order to both maintain and to reduce payment delays.

Document Management

IPzen Legal allows you to structure your document workflow (creation, printing, sharing, archiving and searching) by linking and referencing by file.

Document Storage

Regardless of their format, in paper or digital form, the mass of documents and information that passes through your office is constantly increasing.

Added Value

IPzen Legal make sure your added values and the quality felt by your clients, requires a reflection on the management of documents.

In IPzen Legal you can track, organize and store the required documents for each client.


Since all the documents and data are stored in your own encrypted virtual machine you don’t need to worry about document theft or lost. Such a level of security allows you to win the trust of your clients.

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Publishing reports

Reports and control panels are essential tools for supervising your business. Our reports help you better understand your clients and monitor your team’s activity and profitability.

Letters template and standard documents

You can generate letters template and all kinds of standard documents. IPzen Legal is a flexible solution that allows you to create at your convenience any model act and letter.

User Access Management

You have complete control over the access you give to your team members, associates, and departments as well as to your clients. The work is more fluid and based on the trust.