March 16, 2018

Are we moving toward a paperless world?

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Le monde de demain, vers une totale dématérialisation ?Technology is today ubiquitous in our daily lives. It is obvious that progress is underway. Just as humanity went through the industrial age, so, too, it is going through the digital age. Smartphones, computers, connected watches…all of these devices have found their place in our homes and workplace.

It is therefore not surprising that companies in the tertiary sector have been forced to adapt to this digitization of our interactions and the transmission of information. From official pages on social media to company websites, video conferencing to document scanning, it is now possible to interact with anyone, everywhere.The increased speed in information sharing, rapid communication and the proliferation of sources and contacts have profoundly altered the way in which we work and communicate. Codes change and so too does the public become a key element in this new mode of communication. Indeed, companies are no longer opaque structures that can only speak through traditional media (TV, radio, billboards, the press and cinema). Today, the public can interact, complain or compliment the services offered by a company. It would be trite to say that the public has never had such an important place in the working relationship. The novelty of the digital age lies in the fact that it now has new tools to interact with the world around it. This new digital era must be perceived as a new opportunity to speak out and a chance to develop start-ups.

In the area of law for example we are observing the same phenomenon. The legal profession tends to modernize itself and perceive the need to digitize its business. Technology plays an important role in the practice of law as lawyers, advisers and other professionals in the legal profession turn to new tools. Hence the emergence of the concept of case management platforms. This way of working is where the old meets the new in that it combines the expertise of legal professionals with the advantage of these platforms or software. These allow the users to save time as time is one of the key elements.

Nevertheless, this is not their only advantage. In addition to transforming a time-consuming activity inversely, these platforms allow legal practitioners to interact with their files and thus focus on the essential. And what an essential! The client relationship thus regains its high standing. No more mountains of archives to file, no more endless document printing! These new technologies makes it possible to run an electronic practice – a firm in which members work as a team in an organized and fluid manner towards a common objective: client satisfaction. IPzen Legal is the prime example of one of these tools. It is a 100% online integrated billing and case management platform. This platform was specifically designed to meet the needs of legal practitioners. Easy to use and completely secure, it is the perfect tool to collaborate with colleagues and customers in a simple way to make the most of your working time.

It also includes an agenda, a case management system coupled with an integrated invoicing system and collaborative work tools. It is a solution that allows for paperless support, making it easier to complete administrative tasks thereby giving you more time to devote to the core of your business.

Due to the magnitude of the paperless world, the way of doing business is rapidly evolving. In a hyper connected world, the upcoming challenges will be to learn how to organize and interact with these new technologies.