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1 user 89 € excl. VAT per user / month
2 – 4 users 49 € excl. VAT per user / month
5 – 10 users 39 € excl. VAT per user / month

*More than 10 users, contact us for custom price

 Unlimited data storage  See prepayments and amount consumed
 Document and contact management  Customized actions for docketing files
 Client and file management  Easy time and expense tracking
 Automatic creation of document with template generator  Preset hourly rates and fixed fees based on client and lawyers
 Send emails from files  Assess profitability of file
 Calendaring and reminders  Predict on-going billing
 Multi-user access  Performance analysis & reporting
 Share information between users and clients

Up to 80% saved time*

Create an action in a file

Send your action into a purchase order

Convert to invoice

Send to your client

Secure and optimize your work

  • Never miss a deadline with prioritization and
    categorization features
  • Use customized actions in files to save time
  • Preset hourly rates and fixed fees based on
    client and lawyers

Organize your workflow

  • Link files with a parent/child model for optimal
    case organisation
  • Upload any type of document within a file
  • Use the flexible search engine for retrieving files
    and actions based on numerous criteria
  • Automate creation of documents with the
    template generator

Collaborative workspace

  • Assign a deadline to any user or client
  • Historic records on each file
  • Facilitate collaboration and improve team
  • Share information between users and clients

A secure environment

  • Keep control of information with publication
    and confidentiality features
  • Benefit from a simple solution for all your files,
    based on a highly secure cloud technology
  • Set user access rights

Design your own workflows

  • Create a customized workflow
  • Generate automatically deadlines
  • Visualize workflow progress on a


  • Save time with customized actions including
    preset name and amount to invoice
  • Keep full control of your invoicing with our
    validation workflow
  • Update mutiple files simultaneously with the
    bulk editing functionality

Financial monitoring in files

  • Assess profitability of file
  • Check consolidated amounts invoiced and work remaining to invoice
  • See prepayments from clients and amounts
    allocated to work in progress
  • Receive alerts when prepayments from
    client is required

Financial dashboards

  • Monitor the profitability of partners,
    associates and departments
  • Assess profitability and customer margin
  • Follow up the breakdown and profitability
    by type of activity
  • Predict on-going billing
  • General statistics

Frequently asked questions :

How does free trial works ?

IPzen Legal offers a free trial period for 30 days. This gives the customer to understand about the platform and work on it in real time. There is no hidden charges or conditions you can cancel the plan anytime you wish.

Do I receive a reminder before my trial ends ?

Yes, we will send a follow up email three days before your trial ends and a follow up call on the last day of trial period.

What will happen to my files after my trial ends ?

After the end of trial period, the file version and its data will be automatically deleted without any back up.


Do you provide training for understanding the platform in trial version ?

Yes, we do provide a short training and materials for understanding the platform as well as you can contact our support team via chat or call or email.

Is this safe and secure portal ?

We have ensured that the features and technical and security aspects of the platform answer the concerns which lawyers may have when considering a switch to the cloud.

  • Access by personal login/passwords
  • SSL certificate, firewall
  • Data encryption

Security is our priority

  • One encrypted virtual machine per client with your own database and storage
  • Communication encrypted with an SSL certificate
  • Continuous backup in 2 datacenters
  • Virtual machines are replicated in another datacenter (Paris-Amsterdam)
  • Hosting possible in a different location.
  • 24/7 monitoring

Training: A complete two hours of training on how to use IPzen Legal platform will be provided based on customer request. Conditions and charges apply.

If you have any questions or a request for a customer order feel free to contact our customer support team at