Top reasons to choose IPzen Legal


IPzen Legal is developed to handle all your firms daily activities managed by a single tool.  Case and file management, integrated invoicing, deadline reminder, workflow scheduling, payment follow ups, etc.. all in one single platform. IPzen Legal has been designed to ensure you and your colleagues that your internal day-to-day operations can run smoothly, giving you the freedom to focus on other priorities and aspects of your business.

Ease of use

Everyone, who has a basic computer knowledge, can use IPzen Legal. The system is designed in a secure and effective way adaptable to your technical needs. This is one of the top user-friendly legal practice management software in the market.

Time Saving

Handling files and invoicing has been taking more time for you, by using IPzen Legal platform you can reduce these time in half, which gives you a few extra hours to work on your new cases or marketing efforts or to spend some time with your family.

File Security

An SSL-encrypted connection to the dedicated virtual machine (VM). A dedicated Virtual Machine (VM) with its own database and storage solution in order to avoid accessing or storing data with another client. Two automatic backups, including one in a different data center. A real-time duplication of the virtual machine and its data in a datacenter located in the different EU country and a 24/7 monitoring service.

Access Sharing

Limited access to the IPzen Legal platform, with a limited number of credentials (username and password) in accordance with the user agreement. Share information with your team and your clients with the collaborative tools. Control access rights of users and clients. Display selected information to your clients.

Access from anywhere

Unlike other applications, which needs to be downloaded and installed, which creates a threat to the security of data stored. IPzen Legal is a web based platform you can access it from anywhere at any time using a simple web browser.

Financial monitoring in files

Assess profitability of file. Check consolidated amounts invoiced and work remaining to invoice. See prepayments and amount consumed. Monitor the status of down payments and receive alerts.

Financial dashboards

Monitor the profitability of managers, associates and departments. Evaluate the profitability and margins on clients. Follow the breakdown and profitability by type of activity. Predict on-going billing and general statistics.

Design your own workflows

Create a workflow based on customized action. Generate automatically deadlines. Visualize the state of a workflow on a timeline. Never miss a deadline with the agenda tab. Deadline management with filters that allow you to fix a deadline as single or recurrent, official or non-official. Assign a deadline to any user or client.